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Initiated with the motto of “Enhancing Competence” is an IAS mentorship program for aspirants who are about to begin this competitive journey or are looking for a fresh roadmap for holistic strategy oriented preparation. Sukritam, a vision of qualified mentors with two decades of experience is a pathway to provide quality content, guidance and support for the competitive journey ahead. Sukritam understands that with plethora of information available through various portals students at the helm of their preparation can be overwhelmed. With the purpose of offering even the most distant student the best IAS coaching online, Sukritam offers direction to the candidates from the beginning. Preliminary, mains and interview preparation are offered under individual guidance of seasoned mentors for the ones who are looking for the Top IAS coaching online. Whether you are about to start this journey or somewhere in the middle, Sukritam believes in assisting candidates with smarter and innovative guidance to steer them in the right direction. Our subject experts are updated with the UPSC syllabus for mains and prelims and can offer the best civil services training online. We understand that each candidate is unique and equally so, should be the mentorship.

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History Optional Mentorship Programme

Appropriating resources, monitoring and evaluation!

History Online Class Programme

Complete & Comprehensive Coverage of syllabus!

Ethics Mentorship Programme

Appropriating resources, monitoring and evaluation!

What We Do?

Your one stop destination for complete guidance for best IAS preparation online. Whether your search is for the best IAS coaching online or for State Civil Services Mentorship our experts have the answers to enhance your competence.

Our Mission

To provide segmentry and  focused mentorship to aspirant s who feel downed in the sea of textual and visual information. Sukritam believes in enhancing competency and offers around the clock support to the aspirants from beginning of their journey till triumph.

Our Approach

We at Sukritam offer complete and personalized IAS mentorship online to enthusiasts for the road ahead. We offer free demo classes to initiate the journey of the students. We believe in establishing trust and building strong ties with the leaders of tomorrow.